The Book of Hope is a joint fundraising collaboration of 100 Coronavirus and Lockdown inspired poems and funny lyrics by Poets, Poetry lovers, writers, singer/songwriters and Illustrators, young and old from across the UK, and some as far away as Australia and Cameroon for 'NHS Charities Together', as a thank you for helping to keep us all safe during the current outbreak of COVID-19

Page Contributors

1-Gary J Gill - Creator-Lover of Poetry-Stroke Survivor (Abingdon)

2-Natasha Fontenelle from (Woodford Green)

3-Sammie Rhodes -Friend (Abingdon)

4-Sandra Ann May -Friend - Poetry writer (Abingdon)

5-Jack Ayres Aged 10 Creative writer (Bideford)

6-Wendy Wilson - Poet (Cumbria)

7-Josette Marie - Poet (Cameroon, Africa)

8-Emma Jayne Fournere - Poet/Music Producer/Record label owner(Southend-on-Sea)

9-Peter D Hehir -Writer & Poet (Birmingham)

10-Marlene Parmenter - Poet (Southampton)

11-Reserved for Joyce West - Poet (Market Harborough)

12-Peter Bellingham - Illustrator (Abingdon)

13-Joe Gaffney - Lover of poetry (Manchester)

14-Tracey Curtis Brooks- Lover of poetry (Bideford)

15-Roz Ottery- Poet (Luddenden)

16-Jon Samuel -Poet (Cardiff, Wales)

17-Sarah Drury -Poet & mother (Scunthorpe)

18-John Walker  -Lover of quirky poetry (Bonny Hills, Australia)

19-Evalynne Martin  AGE 11 Granddaughter (Abingdon)

20-Roz Ottery  -Poet (Luddenden)

21-John Andrew Nield -Poet (Blackpool)

22-Reserved for Mel Haagman -Poet (Hove)

23-Michaela Burns -Poet (Drumchapel, Scotland)

24-Diana Prow -Lover of poetry (Bo'ness, Scotland)

25-Kathy Tytler Running Poet (Reading)

26-Heather Byrne -Writer (East Grinstead)

27-Thomas Lennon -Poet (Portlaw, Ireland)

28-Reserved for Sandra Matthews  (Westcliff-on-Sea)

29-Greg Jackson   -Poet  (Chorley)

30-Shirley Bunyan -Poet (Hemel Hempstead)

31-Joe Canning  -Singer/Songwriter, Poet (Strabane, Ireland)

32-Reserved for Simon J Millward -Poet (Salisbury)

33-Reserved for Vicki Lucas (Honiton)

34-Sarah Spearing -Poet (Leeds)

35-Ian Lovell -Singer/Songwriter Poet (Leicester)

36-Reserved for Adam Critchley -Writer (Chorley)

37-Reserved for

38-Adele Wendy Thackray-Durkin -Writer (Abergele Wales)

39-Reserved for Brianna Ashill -writer (Cwmbran Wales)

40-Jill Firmin (Bournemouth)

41-Sharron Green -Poet (Guildford)

42-Cher Sherwood Aspiring Poet (Newport Wales)

43-Karon Davis -Poet in the making (Bath)

44-Louise Hill -Writer/Lover of Poetry (Cardiff Wales)

45-Sam Luxton  -Poet (Romford)

46-Andy J Regan (Manchester)

47-Reserved for Neil Houltram -Teacher & Budding Poet (Billinge)

48-Nell Whitelaw -Brain injury survivor (Glasgow Scotland)

49-Mike reeves -Poet (York)

50-Tina Coulter (Lordswood Kent)

51-Suneet Chavda (Nuneaton)

52-Paula Jane Norton -Artist/Early Years Practitioner (Abingdon)

53-Rebecca Leckey (Banstead)

54-Paul Reeve -Poet (Stratford-upon-Avon)

55-Hattie Sampson -AGE 8 Writer (Newbury)

56-Sam Shepherd (Sheffield)

57-Kieran Mason -Poet (Norwich)

58-Dave Rendle -Poet (Cardigan Wales)

59-Linda Lokhee -Children’s Author/Poet/Teacher (Sydney Australia)

60-Reserved for Jacob Martin AGE 8 Grandson (Abingdon)

61-Rosalind Robinson Lover of Poetry (Darlington)

62-Harriet Hodson (Bromsgrove)

63-Steven P Taylor -Poet (Ramsbottom Bury)

64-Reserved for Maria Millington (Widnes Cheshire)

65-Francis McDonnell Poet/Mathematician (Luton Bedfordshire)

66-Helen Gatenby -Lover of Poetry (Dorsington)

67-Louise Hughes (Milton Keynes)
68-Reserved for

69-Emma Jayne Fournere -Poet/Music Producer/Record label owner (Southend-on-Sea)

70-Reserved for Richard Easton (Unsworth)
71-Mike Thompson & Patricia Evans (Stratford upon Avon)

72-Liz Upton (Shoreham by Sea)

73-Dave Jinx Joynson (Wallasey Liverpool)

74-Steven Bewick (Sunderland)

75-Helen Jordan Lover of Poetry (Newport Wales)

76-Claire Trythall Poetry cub (Cardiff Wales)

77- Amanda Jane Derry (Chester)

78-Danielle Haggon Lover of Poetry (Armadale Scotland)

79-Rose Waterhouse AGE 8 Aspiring Poet (Birmingham)

80-Nick Toczek Writer & Performer (Greengates Bradford)

81-Tamsin Swain (Welwyn Garden City)

82-Cher Sherwood Aspiring Poet (Newport Wales)

83-Lisa Hobbs Poet (Swindon)

84-April Price Lover of Poetry (Swansea Wales)

85-Amy Gooding Lover of Poetry (Barnstaple)

86-Alison Turner Aspiring Poet (Barnsley)

87-Mashael Kamran Lover of Poetry/Researcher (Oxford)

88-Julie Shorten Writer (Bedford)

89-Michelle Lester (Nuneaton)

90-Peter Clarke Entertainer/Songwriter/Artist (Shanklin Isle of White)

91-Jennifer Le Roux Writer (Waterlooville)

92-John Summers Poet (Swansea Wales)

93-Harry Pleavin (Moreton Wirral)

94-Christine Smith (Romford)

95-Christine Smith (Romford)

96-Roger Greenhalgh (Penrhyndeudraeth Wales)

97-Reserved for Karen Garner (Southampton)

98-Kerry McGarr (Ickenham)

99-Anne Farmer Aspiring Poet (Woodford Green)

100-Peter D Hehir -Writer & Poet (Birmingham)

TBA Reserved for Maria Dulce Leitão Reis Writer/Poet (Portugal)

TBA Reserved for Maureen Spratt from (Clydebank)