Questions & Answers


Q. Who will benefit from this fundraiser?

A. All profits from this book, including the auction when it is finished, Personal Page

Sponsorships and any sales of full-colour reprints will go to the 'NHS Charities Together'


Q. Why do I need my page posted to me?

A. We send the pages out individually so contributors can write on their own pages personally to make the book totally unique and one of a kind.

Q. Does it cost me anything?

Pages cost  £10. This is paid by way of a donation by your sponsor for the advertising space on the reverse of your page.

(or you can simply sponsor yourself)
Any self sponsor donations of £50 or more and receive a full-colour reprint of the book.

Please Note* We cover the delivery cost to you but you will need to post it back to us. First-class is prefered. Approximately £3.70

Q. Why do I need a sponsor?

Page sponsorship is to help towards achieving our target of £1'000 for NHS Charities Together Organisation.

Q.Who can sponsor me? We find that local companies to you or friends who own their own business are the best port of call, and usually more than happy to chip in a tenner to have their company details printed in such a book.

Q. How do we pay the sponsorship donations?

A. All page sponsorships should be paid directly to our 'GoFundMe page'- ''  which is linked to the chosen charity 'The NHS Charities Together organisation'

*Important Note... Please ask sponsors to leave a note in the comments stating what page number they are sponsoring when making their donation, please also include a note when returning your page.


Q. Where do I post it back to?

A. A preprinted address and guidance notes will be in your envelope along with your page.

Q. Where is the contact form?

Click here for the contact form

Q. Can I buy a copy of the book when it is finished?

A. At the moment our only choice is to use online publishing platforms which work out expensive, but you can order one by simply making a £50 donation. see here for more info DONATIONS 

'Anything else Please feel free to ask'